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GREAT WALL helps you pinpoint the jungle of the many current high-tech trends (disruption, blockchain, digitization, internet of things, big data, security, etc.) and assess which innovations are best suited to your business to keep up with the times in the future as well. All these developments are just beginning and will be realized in the next 10 years. An entry is still worthwhile!

Of course, high-tech is a very dynamic process, which we cover with specialists from many areas. You can see our current topics below. 

Our clear focus is on new salable products. Only with these innovations can your company remain competitive and benefit from the rapid growth of international markets. 

Unfortunately, adapting to the latest trends costs a lot of resources and money. We help you use your funds as efficiently as possible. 

GREAT WALL ensures that you are among the winners of your markets!

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Diplom Economics-Engineer Mr. Vollet: vollet@great-wall.info

promising outlook

3D printers open up additional production possibilities for filigree parts made of plastic, metal, ceramic or composite materials.

This part production goes much faster, saves material, is flexible and allows completely new shapes and designs.

Despite the entry of large companies there is still enough space for smaller innovative start-ups.

broad spectrum

A variety of applications in development and production, but also in maintenance, storage and health care point to a great future of this technology.

Virtual scoreboards, data glasses and smartphone apps will also be used in education and make rapid progress.

Voice and gesture controls round off this area completely.


Digitization is the new revolution in almost all industry areas.

The convergence of planning, purchasing, production and sales opens up new, unimagined scope for efficiency. In part, this automation even allows disruptive breaks with the traditional.

Only companies that are prepared for it have a future, but then a dazzling one!

core technology

AI has a key position in automation.

Self-learning and networked components allow close collaboration between humans and robots. This means that all development and production processes can be significantly accelerated. The number of faulty productions and thus of the necessary raw materials is also falling sharply.

Further application examples can be found in the fully automatic maintenance as well as the driverless cars.

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